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Chris Jenkins

Poet Writer Researcher
26th Apr 1990
United Kingdom, GB

Chris Jenkins

Poet Writer Researcher
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I am a writer and a poet from Belfast, Northern Ireland. My interests tend to swing between the personal and the political, and I have published poems ranging on topics of globalisation, social and economic inequality, the legacy of conflict, family, and personal relationships. My full time profession is as a public health researcher with Queen's University.
Published work:

'Omagh', 'Weather Forecasting', 'Ashes', and 'Mosquitoes' published in FourXFour. Issue 16. Spring 2016. Poetry NI
and Pens Point Press.

'North Street' and 'Coming Home' published in Panning for Poems Issues 6 & 7. 2016. Poetry NI and Pen Points Press.

'Cut Grass' shortlisted for the Fourth Annual Bangor Poetry Prize as part of the Aspects Literature Festival 2016

'Dandelions' forthcoming in Freckle. Spring 2017.

'Fuchsia Curtains' forthcoming in the Honest Ulsterman. February 2017 Edition

Additional featured work and projects:

‘Roots’ : a collaborative work of poetry and photography with Savannah Danielle Dodd that appeared in the "Context" exhibition at the Foundry Arts Centre, St. Louis (USA), December 2015.

Featured Poet in the Magic Theatre Poetry Reading Series, Chiang Mai Thailand. Reader and Contributor at Purely Poetry, Belfast; Tea Tree Café, Chiang Mai; and Culture Nights, Geneva.

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