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Gavin Turtle

Playwright Screenwriter Writer Film Critic
7th Mar 1991
United Kingdom, GB

Gavin Turtle

Playwright Screenwriter Writer Film Critic
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I am a writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I've been writing plays and short films for the last couple of years. Before that I wrote short stories and film/theatre reviews.
I was selected to be part of TheatreNI's Young Critics Programme in 2017. I attended a Theatre Review workshop with The Guardian's Lyn Gardner.

I have previously written film and theatre reviews for online for Northern Irish culture website The Thin Air :

I wrote and performed a short monologue, ‘ACID’ for Pan Narrans Theatre’s Ghost Stories in October 2015:

My first play, 'A Certain Kind of Man' was shortlisted for the Lyric Theatre's New Playwrights Programme 2017. It was also selected to be a part of The New Theatre, Dublin's New Writer's week. An excerpt will be performed on November 15th in front of a live audience.

My short play 'Crosstalk', was created as part of Accidental Theatre's Fast & Loose 2017 when it was written, rehearsed and finally performed in front of a live audience in 24 hours:

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