Lair - 2015 (12)

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Lair - 2015 (12)


Horror Short Film
Louis Tornero-Moffitt
Louis Tornero-Moffitt
Steve Shields
Louis Tornero-Moffitt
1st October 2015
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Lair - 2015 (12)


Horror Short Film
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A farmer encounters the supernatural whilst working in a dusty meal shed. What is in there with him? What hides in the shadows?

Originally shot for Studio Lambert and BBC Three for their "The Fear" TV show.

Working in a meal shed is an isolated experience- the air becomes thick with dust from the meal, the ground remains constantly uneven due to the feed, and over time working in that environment, your clothes and any exposed skin gets caked with the fine dust.

These are uncomfortable conditions, although residing in a small space, I thought this setting would be great for a supernatural encounter- especially if the film hints that whatever is in the shed, revels in the environment.

I wanted to push my visual work with this film, especially working with low light. The location prompted a dreary colour palette which was exactly what I desired, I think it creates contrast between the subject, and the environment. I shot the whole short with a Flycam rig- camera movement is important and even though the location limited said movement, it is a massively important storytelling dynamic, especially within the horror genre.

It was challenging to shoot in such a dusty environment and my camera, lights and rigs were rapidly coated in dust and required constant cleaning between takes. Heat from lighting within the confined space, given the nature of the room, prompted a thick odour from the feed. I think this actually was a blessing in disguise as it heightened the sense of just how overbearing this dust was for my actor Stephen Foster, and I do believe it aided his performance. It is surprising how we all acclimatised to it after a while though!

The short was filmed over 2 nights on a farm in Seaforde, Northern Ireland by a team of 3. "Lair" had a highly successful festival campaign, being screened in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. The film won it's category of "Best Ghost & Haunted film" at the FilmFestivalFlix Halloween Horrorfest 2015 in California- "Lair" achieved a distribution deal as a result for the duration of 2016 where it was screened across the United States of America.

"Lair" got it's premiere at the FilmFestivalFlix Halloween Horror Fest 2015.

Additional Info

Country: Northern Ireland
Language: English
Release Date: 1st October 2015
Filming Locations: Seaforde, County Down, Northern Ireland
Runtime: 3 Minutes
Capture: Canon 600D
Sound Capture: Tascam w. Rode NTG-2
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Fullscreen

-The dust was so dense in the meal shed both nights, crew had to take frequent breaks to get their breath back.
-The clothes Farmer wears in the short are in fact sound tech Steve Shields' clothes for working in that very meal shed.

Louis Tornero-Moffitt Louis Tornero-Moffitt Director/Writer/Director of Photography
Stephen  Foster Stephen Foster Farmer
Steve Shields Steve Shields Sound Recordist
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