Music Video (Genre: Heavy Metal/Metal) - 2017

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Music Video (Genre: Heavy Metal/Metal) - 2017


Louis Tornero-Moffitt
Louis Tornero-Moffitt
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Music Video (Genre: Heavy Metal/Metal) - 2017


Music C-A-L-L
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Opportunity for Heavy Metal/Metal bands in Northern Ireland- please click on "Opportunities" below to apply.

I am looking for Heavy Metal/Metal bands in Northern Ireland to get in touch- I wish to add a Heavy Metal/Metal genre music video to my portfolio. I am a huge fan of the genre with a good knowledge of the iconography and shooting style attached to some of the most successful and iconic videos out there- I'd like to work with a band to put my stamp on it.

Criteria for entrants to note-

*Monetary: this is not a free offer, I will however heavily discount to the specificity of the request, perhaps the perfect opportunity to get your first video made?
*Live: preferably I'd like this to be a locked set, highlighting the charisma and presence of the band- a live recording will incur extra costs.
*Concept: everyone will have a say on the final product, a collective vision will be achieved.

Additional Info

Tracks should be under 5 minutes- the track should be complete [recorded & mastered] at time of enquiry. Entrants do not need to have an album to apply.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

Louis Tornero-Moffitt Louis Tornero-Moffitt Director/Director of Photography
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